A Head Start To A New You
• Hair Pieces • Integrations • Wigs • Extensions
• Prosthesis • Repairs • Alterations • Maintenance
Total Recall is a Totally Discreet & Professional Service offering you affordable
State of the Art types of Wigs, Hair Pieces, Extensions, Hair Systems and Prosthesis.

Here at Total Recall we understand what it is like to be unhappy with your natural hair, no matter what reason, and can relate to your concerns about your looks and the impact it can have on your private and professional life,

So if you are thinking about replacing your thinning or lost hair, Total Recall has the skills and technology to duplicate the look, feel, and movement of natural growing hair. Not only do we give you the best natural looking head of hair, we also take the time to develop the styling that does the most for your self-confidence.

The vision we have always had here at Total Recall is to supply the highest quality hair and provide first-rate customer service that is second to none. Our ultimate goal is to make
everyone who comes into our studio look and feel their best. We have put a lot of research and  technology into our systems so they will consistently provide the most natural and
undetectable appearance possible.

When you leave our studio, we’re sure you’ll be totally satisfied, looking and feeling great
with the New You